A man cave is a guy’s sanctuary from away from the world. It’s a place where a guy can chill with some of his best buds, sip a nice cool one, play games, watch movies–you get the picture. When a guy is in his man cave, all of his cares, worries or fears go out the window–at least for the time being.  Today we take a look at the some of the best man caves out there.

Some man caves are simple and modest. It could be just a room with couch and television. Others are a bit more extravagant. To say they are over the top is an understatement. Below, we’ve included fifteen of the best man caves that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Prepare to be wowed. We certainly were!

1. The “sophisticated” man cave

Via Imgur

Via Imgur

2. The ultimate beer lover’s refuge

3. The “Larry the Cable Guy” man cave

Yes, this is really where the comedian goes to escape from the world.

Via Zillow

Via Zillow

4. The man cave fit for the avid hunter

5. The “I really love TV” man cave

6. For the guy who loves his guns & computers in one place.

7. The biker’s ultimate man cave

8. A man cave designed for Batman himself

Via Houzz

Via Houzz

9. A cave + a pool=a man’s paradise

Via Houzz

Via Houzz

10. For the guy who wants to be one with wildlife

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  1. Dude, that Batman man cave is so sick! Maybe after I buy a house, I can try building a man cave just like that.


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