Cedar Oil Benefits Mhmmmmm, fresh Cedar. You know the smell, ladies love it, and guys need it.  The use of cedar topically has been around for centuries. Pacific Northwest Native Americans used to weave shucked cedar together for armor.  They would weave it together so tightly that the cedar was even known to stop bullets […]

Being home for a bit at Squatch HQ provided a great opportunity to take the dogs out to the park and get dirty.  Naturally, being soap guys we thought they deserved a good Squatch down afterwards.  We have been using Dr. Squatch as a natural dog soap to bathe them for a while and the […]

Last year we had the idea to interview various guys who we felt were fighters for all things natural, including nature, so we immediately thought of a friend who was the Curator for the Whale Museum on San Juan Island in Friday Harbor. Here’s what they do at the Whale Museum in their words: “The […]