Think showering is an act best confined to your bathroom? Think again, because mother nature has bestowed upon us an abundance of natural showers to drench ourselves under. They come in all shapes and sizes, from 1,000ft torrents to 30ft trickles, some icy cold others pleasantly balmy. All you have to do is choose which […]

When you walk out the door wearing natural cologne, it’s likely you’ll feel better. There’s a sense of awareness, walking the steps to work, the lengthy miles in the hustle and bustle of unwarranted traffic. But with a touch of that cologne, the grass seems greener, the trees seem fuller, and maybe that girl you’ve […]

Road trips, adventure, surfing, community, and altruism.  These are things we value highly at Dr. Squatch Soap Co..  We realized quickly we had met some kindred spirits when we heard about what Andres and Corey where doing with their mission at Pure Drift. Check out our conversation we had with these Sasquatch Men below and […]