Most of us have heard that “milk does a body good,” but we are usually referring to milk in our diets. Did you know that milk, particularly goat’s milk, can play a role in improving your skin’s health? Goat’s milk bar soap has become a popular product in recent years due to the numerous benefits […]

Back in the day, hairstyles for men were easy. Many men had the same barber from the time they were kids until their favorite barber retired. Nowadays, we are lucky if we have the same barber for consecutive haircuts. Since it’s likely you’re going to change barbers frequently in your lifetime; it’s a good idea […]

  Chances are that you were never taught how to manscape while growing up. You may know how to rock a killer bears and style your hair in 27 different ways, but did you ever learn how to manscape other parts of your body? Manscaping has become much more socially acceptable in recent years, and […]

Some of you are ready to grow a beard, but uncertain as to the beard length to shoot for. Picking the right length for your facial hair is important, but you also need to understand the work necessary to grow your desired beard. Today we will give you some tips on picking the appropriate beard […]

Beard dandruff is a problem that most men would rather not discuss. Regular dandruff is bad enough, but beard dandruff can be particularly embarrassing. In some cases, men will forgo growing a beard, so they don’t have to suffer from the embarrassment. While it may be hard to believe, beard dandruff is actually a common […]

How often should you wash your hair? Most of you probably think that’s a silly question as you likely wash your hair as part of your daily shower routine. The problem with this approach is that it is harmful to your hair and scalp. Most commercially-produced shampoos damage your hair over time and can even […]