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5 Reasons to Use a Natural Dog Soap

Being home for a bit at Squatch HQ provided a great opportunity to take the dogs out to the park to play and get dirty.  Naturally, being soap guys we thought they deserved a good Squatch down afterwards.

 We have been using Dr. Squatch as a natural dog soap to bathe them for a while and the results have been awesome.  No more dandruff, smoother skin, and great looking coats.

Lets look at 5 reasons why you should be using a natural, plant-based soap for your dog as well!

1. *Most* Human Soaps or Shampoos are Harmful to Dogs – Most human cosmetics are not recommended for use on pets. This is due largely to the ingredients found in the products such as sodium laureth sulfate, parabens, and other potentially harmful things.

2. Skin Benefits – The number one thing shampoos will do to a dog is dry out their skin.  According to PetMD, dogs have higher skin pH levels, and have more sensitive skin. Traditional soaps and shampoos can expose this skin to dryness or bacterial infections.

Thankfully, using a plant based soap that has oils like olive, and coconut, will naturally nourish their skin and even reduce skin irritation and flaking.  Since using the Squatch on our dogs their skin has been noticeably less flaky.

3. That Shiny Fur Coat – Coconut and olive oils are great for your dog’s coat and will keep the hair healthy and looking good with a natural shine.

4. Save $$ – Dog-specific shampoos can be a bit pricey. Instead, when your bar (or other natural soap) is down to those last bits and pieces, its perfect to throw them into a bag and save it for your pup! No need to spend additional money on an expensive “dog specific” shampoo or cleaner.

5. Fun! – To promote a healthy coat and skin, your dog should be bathed monthly, but not more often.  At first they will resist but over time, they will come to love it, plus its a great way to bond and its a lot of fun as well!

Recommended Soap → Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt. The yogurt will help moisturize your dog’s skin while the eucalyptus oil acts as an antiseptic and natural pesticide which helps repair skin irritations and protect from insect bites!

One word of warning – make sure to keep the soap away from the dog’s reach as the smell may entice them to snag a bite!  Ingestion of soap can be harmful

After romping in the park and washing these dogs, I’m feeling a bit dirty myself so I think its time to go use my own bar!

Step 1: Getting Dirty at the Park!

Getting dirty natural dog soap

Step 2:  Rinsing Off

natural dog soap getting wet

Step 3: Lather Up!

all natural dog rinse

Step 4: Get Dry

naturally clean dogs!


Last modified: January 6, 2020