Note: Dr. Squatch recommends leaving this guide conspicuously open on all devices where might rate on the “buy a gift” list ūüėČ For Someone Who Works With Their Hands Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap cuts through grease, grime, sap, and anything else you throw at it. SHOP NOW For Your Hostess With The Mostess Help […]

places to hike near me

1. Alabama: Hike:¬†Blue Spring Loop, Conecuh National Forest Distance: 6.1 Miles The Scoop:¬†A diverse display of vegetation and wildlife will have you on the lookout for longleaf pines, turkey oaks, otters, snakes, and even alligators. #conecuhnationalforest #sweethomealabama #getoutside #neverstopexploring #exploremore #naturehippies #nature #natureza #naturelovers #stayandwander #wanderlust #wildernessculture #peoplescreatives #keepitwild #staywild #sand #inthepines #sun #hiking #landscape […]

Being home for a bit at Squatch HQ provided a great opportunity to take the dogs out to the park and get dirty. ¬†Naturally, being soap guys we thought they deserved a good Squatch down afterwards. ¬†We have been using Dr. Squatch as a natural dog soap to bathe them for a while and the […]

What is Triclosan? Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient in a variety of body soaps, cleaning products, and toothpastes. Most often, this compound is found in ‚Äúantibacterial‚ÄĚ soaps; over 75 percent of all soaps and body washes contain this chemical. Because of the influx of negative press, companies are now marketing triclosan under a […]

The coconut is one of the true wonder plants in the world.¬† I have been using it to saut√© all my food for the past few months and the more I learn about this fruit the better it gets. ¬†¬†Everything from coconut water, to oil, to the actual coconut meat has some great health benefits. […]

¬†Trend ‚Äď Increasing Use of Antibacterial Bar Soap and Body Wash Approximately 75 percent of all liquid soaps and 30 percent of bar soaps are now antibacterial in the U.S.¬† Generally people think of the little antibacterial hand soap bottles, but recently even antibacterial bar and body wash soaps have come on the market from […]

1. 50% of Men Will Get Cancer This is an alarming statistic for men of any age, and illustrates how prevalent lifestyle diseases have become.¬† Men really have two choices, accept that they will most likely get cancer and that it is just ‚Äúpart of life‚ÄĚ, or they can educate themselves and make better lifestyle […]