Many of us lead busy lives, and we like to spend as little time as necessary to get ready for our day. However, having good hygiene is important. It makes social and business interactions easier, and it also is important to our overall health and well-being. The best hygiene routine is one that covers all […]

  Most men pick a scent or group of scents that they like and loyally stick with them. After a while, this can get boring, even if the smell is awesome. Some guys take their scent game to the next level through scent layering. Scent layering is a way to get fresh new scents from […]

Your best friend is getting married, or your buddy at work is about to get a big promotion. You’ve been asked to give a toast to commemorate the event, and you don’t know the first thing about giving a toast. Lucky for you, we are here to walk you through the process. You don’t need […]

How long do you spend on daily grooming? If you’re like most men, you probably spend as little time as necessary to prepare for the day, and you may only worry about grooming when absolutely necessary. For example, those that work in construction may not do much more than shower daily. Others get busy and […]

When a well-dressed man walks into a room, he commands attention from everyone. That starts with his suit and then continues to the man. All of us want to have that perfect suit that makes us the envy of other men, but most don’t have a clue where to start. We’re here to help. On […]

Is your gym game on point? Many of us go to the gym on a regular basis, and it’s clear that some of you have never been schooled on what to pack in your gym bag. You know what to do to maximize your workout, but then you fall short when it comes to cleaning […]

Most of us learned at a young age about the importance of proper hygiene. Our parents instilled taking regular baths and showers to keep clean, and by our teenage years, we started using deodorant and cologne to help mask bad scents. For most, the struggle to combat body odor is a daily one, and some […]

When you see a man that has trouble making eye contact, you’ll likely form a negative impression of him. Does he have something to hide? Maybe he thinks you’re not worth paying attention to. As a result, we often jump to the wrong conclusion about a person. The reality is that many guys have trouble […]

Most guys don’t give much thought to what they use on their hair in the shower. They just grab what’s cheap or what they think smells nice and start using those products without any concern about the damage that the products are doing to their hair and even the planet. Regular shampoos and conditioners contain […]