Back in the day, hairstyles for men were easy. Many men had the same barber from the time they were kids until their favorite barber retired. Nowadays, we are lucky if we have the same barber for consecutive haircuts. Since it’s likely you’re going to change barbers frequently in your lifetime; it’s a good idea […]

How often should you wash your hair? Most of you probably think that’s a silly question as you likely wash your hair as part of your daily shower routine. The problem with this approach is that it is harmful to your hair and scalp. Most commercially-produced shampoos damage your hair over time and can even […]

Most guys don’t give much thought to what they use on their hair in the shower. They just grab what’s cheap or what they think smells nice and start using those products without any concern about the damage that the products are doing to their hair and even the planet. Regular shampoos and conditioners contain […]