Ah, summer: the smell of freshly cut grass, the sound of cicadas. It’s a time for fireworks and family reunions, picnics and barbecues. It’s also a time to sweat your bojangles off as you boogie down to your favorite bands with thousands of your ripest friends. Such is the scene at summer music festivals around […]

Road trips, adventure, surfing, community, and altruism.  These are things we value highly at Dr. Squatch Soap Co..  We realized quickly we had met some kindred spirits when we heard about what Andres and Corey where doing with their mission at Pure Drift. Check out our conversation we had with these Sasquatch Men below and […]


My name is Brian Furby – I am the beard behind TitleBeard, a men’s lifestyle site that focuses on reviews of facial hair care products.   I first came across Dr. Squatch a little over a year ago.  Intrigued by the name and impressed by the wide variety of scent offerings, I contacted the company with […]

Last year we had the idea to interview various guys who we felt were fighters for all things natural, including nature, so we immediately thought of a friend who was the Curator for the Whale Museum on San Juan Island in Friday Harbor. Here’s what they do at the Whale Museum in their words: “The […]

1. 50% of Men Will Get Cancer This is an alarming statistic for men of any age, and illustrates how prevalent lifestyle diseases have become.  Men really have two choices, accept that they will most likely get cancer and that it is just “part of life”, or they can educate themselves and make better lifestyle […]