Can Germs Live on a Bar of Soap? | Explaining Soap Myths

Natural Living & Health • 2 Comments

Washing with soap is the best protection against germs such as viruses and bacteria, so why do people worry about bar soap being...

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Which is Better: Bar Soap or Body Wash for Men?

Natural Living & Health, Ultimate Guides • 3 Comments

Think you're a body wash guy? Think again. Learn about common shower misconceptions and some of the glaring differences of bar soap vs body...

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The Ultimate Guide to Bar Soap for Men

Natural Living & Health, Ultimate Guides

The Complete Ultimate Guide to bar soap for men. Men's Health is important so take a look at the controversy between Natural Bar Soap vs....

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Differences between soap and detergent — and why it matters

Natural Living & Health

The differences between soap and detergent affect how your skin looks and feels. Find out why — and which one you need in your shower....

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The Science Behind Stink: How to Get Rid of Body Odor Naturally

Natural Living & Health

In order to understand how to stop that stink, it’s important to understand why we stink...

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How to Prep for Thanksgiving Dinner like a Champion

Ultimate Guides

We're here to help you make sure you’ve got the right eating strategy and prepare your stomach for the Super Bowl of meals....

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Are Natural Deodorants Really Better?

Grooming & Personal Care, Natural Living & Health

Most of us have been wearing some form deodorant since we started noticing a stink creeping up in our pits in middle school. Thankfully,...

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Dr. Squatch Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Every Type of Man

Ultimate Guides • One Comment

Here's your one-stop man shop, for all your giving needs this Squatchmas. ...

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5 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas Every Man Can Execute

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 2 Comments

We know the feeling. It’s October 29th and you’re in desperate need of a cool, funny Halloween costume but have limited time to pull it...

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The West Coast Wildfires: How You Can Help

Squatch Men: Lifestyle

We all need to do our part to help support the victims, firefighters, and first responders, so here are a few ways you can help contribute...

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5 Uses for Old Soap Bars

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 6 Comments

Ever wonder what to do with your old, generic, harsh chemical-filled bar soap? Ways to use an old soap bar. ...

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The Science Behind Your Hair: What Makes Your Hair Straight or Curly?

Hair Care

Physically, everyone is unique. We’re different heights, have different eye colors, bone structures, freckles, and other individual...

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Obscure History: Facts You Didn’t Learn in School

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 3 Comments

History is awesome. It’s how we learn about where we came from, why we are the way we are, and who we want (or don’t want) to be....

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Does Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Work? Fluoride vs. Hydroxyapatite

Natural Living & Health

One of the first questions that comes to mind when people consider using a fluoride-free toothpaste is, “Does fluoride-free toothpaste...

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