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Dr. Squatch aims to inspire guys get the most out of life; to explore, embrace nature, and live without boundaries. We raise the bar for the men’s grooming industry and change the way men approach their hygiene by offering healthy, natural and affordable products that inspire confidence.


The Dr. Squatch Blog seeks to educate, inspire and entertain every Squatch Man. Whether we’re sharing ideas for grooming, providing information on using natural ingredients, creating man-hacks or telling you about awesome nearby hikes – our articles have it all.
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The Dr. Squatch Story

Dr. Squatch is the natural way for guys to clean up. With our sulfate and paraben free products, you can step in the shower and escape to nature.


Our team is driven by a passion for all natural products. Every Squatch Bar produces an intoxicatingly thick, foamy lather, making a Dr. Squatch shower an experience—a wilderness adventure that will have you coming up with excuses to get dirty, just so you can get clean.


We believe that you are worthy of a better shower and a better life, which is why our commitment to high quality, natural ingredients and craftsmanship is seen across all of our products including hair care, beard oil, shave products, cologne, candles and more.