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Supporting the Squatch Nation: Dr. Squatch COVID-19 Response

Dr. Squatch is here for you, Squatch Nation! Supporting you through the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Hey Squatch Nation,

We asked you how Covid-19 is affecting your life – thank you to the 1,500 of you who shared how you’ve been impacted: Furloughs, health issues, loss of work, working more, and feeling stressed and isolated. We wanted to help, so we asked you what we could do to help. 

You told us, and we heard you. 

You asked us to:  

Give to those on the front lines, especially healthcare workers and first responders.

To give to those on the frontlines, we: 

  • Expanded our discount program to include frontline workers, like first responders and hospital heroes.
  • Donated hand sanitizer to organizations like CovidMD and to hospitals around the country to help frontline workers stay safe.

You asked us to: 

Offer discounts so you can stock up and continue to level up your shower game.

So we helped you stock up:

We’ve had 4 sales since the health crisis shutdowns started, including a big Stock Up Sale in March to get you the supplies you needed.

You asked us to: 

Share tips and health information to help keep you safe.

To help keep you safe, we:

  • Created a highly effective, FDA-registered moisturizing natural hand sanitizer with plant-based alcohol as quickly as possible to help you stay safe on the go.

You asked us to: 

Keep you laughing through this tough time to give us all a break from the stress.

To keep you smilin’ and Squatchin’, we…

Kept the memes coming as always, and gave you some feel-good content.


And we promise to keep doing what we can to help make your lives Squatchier, happier and healthier, with the development of new products – like our liquid soap, new natural hand sanitizer and more! 

We’ll continue to share blogs with helpful, educational and entertaining information, and will ALWAYS do our best to provide you with the dankest memes and thiccest briccs on this (or any other) planet.

Thank you for being a part of Squatch Nation. Keep Squatchin’! 

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