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The Ultimate Shower Guide For Men: How To Use Bar Soap

Grooming & Personal Care, Ultimate Guides

Your daily shower is a vital part of your routine, but how effective is your shower really?. Sure, it may seem like a mundane,...

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How Soap Saves Lives

Natural Living & Health, Squatch Men: Lifestyle

Hygiene-related illnesses are a huge health issue in general, and we can see first-hand how important good hygiene and access to soap and...

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5 Uses for Old Soap Bars

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 6 Comments

Ever wonder what to do with your old, generic, harsh chemical-filled bar soap? Ways to use an old soap bar. ...

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Which is Better: Bar Soap or Body Wash for Men?

Natural Living & Health, Ultimate Guides • 3 Comments

Think you're a body wash guy? Think again. Learn about common shower misconceptions and some of the glaring differences of bar soap vs body...

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