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The Dr. Squatch Stay At Home New Year’s Eve Drinking Game

Squatch Men: Lifestyle

Well Squatch Nation, 2020 has been a real nut punch. We know you’re probably as glad as we are to put this year in the rearview, but our...

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5 Influential Men in History Who You’ve Never Heard Of

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 7 Comments

The most interesting and influential men in history who you've probably never heard of before, and never learned about in school. ...

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Shower Thoughts: Where Did Valentine’s Day Come From, Anyways?

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 3 Comments

Shower Thoughts: Who invented Valentine's Day, why do we celebrate it, and where did it come from? Read on for the answers to all of your...

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Weird Nature | How Poop Saves Lives, Depressed Dogs & more

The Great Outdoors

Exploring nature's greatest marvels, creatures, destinations, facts and phenomena. Weird Nature facts...

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