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The Science Behind Your Hair: What Makes Your Hair Straight or Curly?

Hair Care

Physically, everyone is unique. We’re different heights, have different eye colors, bone structures, freckles, and other individual...

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How to Avoid Summer Hair Damage: Summer Hair Care for Men

Hair Care • One Comment

Here are some of the ways that summer can damage your hair and our Dr. Squatch tips on summer hair care for men & how to avoid summer hair...

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The New Normal: How Quarantine is Changing Men’s Grooming

Grooming & Personal Care, Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 2 Comments

Here are some ways that we’ve seen grooming, shower and hygiene routines change during self-quarantine. The Dr. Squatch team shares their...

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Chemicals in Men’s Shampoo to Avoid & Natural Shampoo Alternatives

Hair Care, Natural Living & Health • One Comment

You'll be surprised at all the scary ingredients hiding in the average commercial shampoo. Here's a look at the top toxins, how to avoid...

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