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Dr. Squatch Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Every Type of Man

Ultimate Guides • 2 Comments

Here's your one-stop man shop, for all your giving needs this Squatchmas. ...

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5 Uses for Old Soap Bars

Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 6 Comments

Ever wonder what to do with your old, generic, harsh chemical-filled bar soap? Ways to use an old soap bar. ...

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Uses & Benefits of Glycerin

Natural Living & Health • One Comment

Glycerin: a hero ingredient in personal care products. But what is glycerin, anyways? Where did it come from, and what is glycerin used...

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The Truth Behind “Hand Wash” | Why Use Liquid Castile Soap

Natural Living & Health • 2 Comments

Stop washing your hands and your dishes with the same dish detergent. ...

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What’s Really in Your Products? | How to Read Product Labels

Natural Living & Health, Ultimate Guides • One Comment

Do you know what's really in your grooming products? How to read product labels and understand ingredients...

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The New Normal: How Quarantine is Changing Men’s Grooming

Grooming & Personal Care, Squatch Men: Lifestyle • 2 Comments

Here are some ways that we’ve seen grooming, shower and hygiene routines change during self-quarantine. The Dr. Squatch team shares their...

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Which is Best? Hand Sanitizer or Soap and Water

Natural Living & Health, Ultimate Guides • 2 Comments

Here's everything you need to know about hand sanitizer effectiveness, so you know how to stay healthy....

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Can Germs Live on a Bar of Soap? | Explaining Soap Myths

Natural Living & Health • 2 Comments

Washing with soap is the best protection against germs such as viruses and bacteria, so why do people worry about bar soap being...

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Why Use Bar Soap for Washing Hands | Best Germ Protection Soap

Natural Living & Health • 3 Comments

Learn why to use bar soap for washing hands. Washing with Dr. Squatch natural soap effectively rids your skin of germs and eliminates...

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Surprising Uses of Coffee | Benefits of Coffee Soap

Grooming & Personal Care, Natural Living & Health • 2 Comments

Your good old cup of Joe can do more than just wake you up in the morning. Instead of having your coffee after your morning shower, save...

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