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What is the Right Beard Length For You?

Some of you are ready to grow a beard, but uncertain as to the beard length to shoot for. Picking the right length for your facial hair is important, but you also need to understand the work necessary to grow your desired beard.

Today we will give you some tips on picking the appropriate beard length and give you some tips on how to grow an epic man mane. For more life tips like these, make sure to visit the Dr. Squatch blog.

Beard Length Based on Hair Style

The simplest way to base your beard length is based on the length of the hair on your head. In most cases, you’re looking to contrast for your current hairstyle.

Short – If you have a shorter hairstyle, you might consider a beard that’s longer and thicker to avoid a grunge look. This attracts more attention to your face than a shorter beard might.

Medium – This is a sweet spot for beard growers as you can range the gamut for length. Short, long, or medium length all look great here.

Long – If you have long hair and want to grow a beard, go short. Short beards provide a nice contrast compared to your flowing man mane and are easier to pull off than going full Gandalf.

Bald – If you’re bald, feel free to go long or even full Gandalf. Yes, you are definitely compensating here, but that’s OK. If you want a badass bald look, this is one way to get it.

Beard Length Based on Facial Shape

Basing your beard length on hair length is great for some, but others prefer to optimize their look. The best way to optimize your beard look is by choosing a style based on the shape of your face.

Square – With square features, you can opt for a medium length beard that’s shorter at the sides. When choosing a beard style, stay away from angle and pointed edges, but stick to more rounded features.

Round – For round faces, you may want to opt for a longer beard. When shaping it, consider shaping it at an angle to help elongate your face. If you’re a bit heavier, this style will help your face look slimmer.

Oblong – For oblong or rectangular faces, you want to lean towards a medium length beard. Go for a thicker beard to help eliminate any sharp angles in your face.

Oval – This is the sweet spot for beard growers as most lengths will work well. The one caveat to this is that the sides should not be as full as the rest of the beard.

How Long Will it Take Me to Grow My Beard?

If you plan on growing a beard, the first skill you need to master is patience. Growing a beard takes time, and you’re looking at a marathon for most beards.

While every guy is different, the average guy grows facial hair at the rate of one-half of an inch every month. For short beards, you’re looking to invest between two and three months to grow your beard. Those opting for medium length beards are looking at anywhere from six to eight months of growth period.

For long beards, you’re going to spend at least a year growing it out. Those wanting to go full Gandalf will invest years. As we stated, be ready to exercise patience in growing your beard.

What Else Will it Take to Grow my Beard?

There are a few additional things you can do to help improve your chances of growing an epic beard.

  • Exercise – Regular exercise will help improve circulation and increase testosterone levels. It can also reduce stress. This is important since stress can lead to hair loss. Exercise helps your entire body, including your hair.
  • Proper Diet – Eat a diet that’s low-fat and high-protein; it will provide the vitamins and nutrients needed to aid in hair growth.
  • Sleep – Getting seven to eight hours of sleep improves general health and will increase blood circulation to your face and scalp. Growth hormones also increase during sleep. If you are a night owl, consider going to bed earlier as the early morning hours are when your body is working its hardest at repairing damaged cells and producing new hair growth.
  • Wash Using Shampoo – Most men try and use soap to wash their beards. Even natural soap isn’t appropriate for beards. Instead, use a natural shampoo to wash your beard like you would your hair. Between washings, use a natural conditioner to keep your beard clean.
  • Use Beard Oil – As your beard grows, regular maintenance is essential. Using a natural beard oil will help to moisturize your hair and skin and help to prevent dandruff, split ends, and skin irritation.

Picking the Right Beard Length is Just the First Step

Now that you know how to pick the right beard length based on your hairstyle or facial shape, decide whether you’re ready to make a long-term commitment. Growing a beard is a lot like embarking on a new relationship. It takes time, energy, and above all, patience!

If you’re someone who starts new activities and gets bored easily after a couple of weeks, growing a beard is not for you. For those with jobs or activities that make growing a beard prohibitive, should reconsider your decision.

For those who take a long time to grow facial hair or have trouble growing thick facial hair, you may want to reconsider growing a beard. A beard is not for everyone and every situation, so take the time to evaluate your situation before proceeding.

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to grow a beard, then be prepared for a long journey ahead. Growing a beard is a long process, but the benefits and confidence boost from an epic beard make the journey worthwhile.

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